WWE SmackDown Outcome: Assassin’s Creed Assassin’s Creed from the Roman Empire

WWE SmackDown Result: Supporting Butch Attacks from the Roman Empire: See Top 3 Moments: The latest version of SmackDown has given the WWE Universe new surprises and surprises. WWE fans are dominated by new Unified Tag Team Champion The Usos and Bloodline Destroyer RK-Bro. Moreover, Raquel Rodriguez has proved his dominance by losing one shot after another. Follow WWE SmackDown at InsideSport.IN

Let’s take a look at the top 3 moments on Friday SmackDown.

WWE SmackDown Results: Top 3 Moments of Friday Night SmackDown

  1. Roman Reigns helps Usos become the Unified Tag Team Champion

In a recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown, The Usos competed against RK-Bro in a tag team unification match. The match was in RK-Bro’s favor until Roman Rains made a tidy attack on Riddle, RK-Bro spent their match.

The Riddle match was under his control when he was attacked by Roman Reigns while trying for a Super RKO. Later, Jay Uso took advantage of the situation to provide a frog splash to win the tag team consolidation match.

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2. Happy Corbin Madcap Moss’ Andre The Giant Battle Destroys Royal Trophy

Last week, Happy Corbin attacked Madcap Moss and hit him on the neck with a steel chair. In the latest edition of SmackDown, Happy Corbin addresses his recent attack on Madcap Moss and praises himself. He showed fans past collections of attacking Madcap Moss with the Andre the Giant Trophy.

Later, Happy Corbin stood beside the trophy and smashed it on a steel ladder, destroying it. Andre the Giant Trophy was torn to pieces. WWE fans on the show hailed Corbin for his miserly work.

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3. Bach attacks Xavier Woods after losing his match

Butch and Xavier Woods competed in one match after another on SmackDown. The match was in Butch’s favor. However, Woods tricks him and catches him by winning the roll-up pin to win the match. After losing the match, Butch became angry and frustrated. While Woods was returning to the stage, Butch attacked Woods and expressed his frustration.

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