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Ireland 0 Chile 1 (D Krimerman Losada)

Ireland will have to make one of their biggest wins on Wednesday if they are to continue their World Cup run after a 1-0 defeat to debutant Chile at the Wagner Stadium in Amstelveen.

That means the world number five team will have to win against Germany Wednesday (3.30pm, Irish)Time) and then hopefully the goal difference works for them when Chile meets the Netherlands.

It was a day when Ireland failed to get the best out of their penalty corner attack as the 10 set piece remained unchanged when the South American team took home the winner in the 12th minute through Dennis Krymerman Losadar.

Coach Shawn Dancer was left to mourn for 10 penalty corner chances as the crucial goal would not get in their way.

“Really disappointed,” he said later. “We dominated the first half and couldn’t score; Chile had their best in the second half, especially in the third quarter, so it’s hard to accept a 1-0 rate.

“Chile gave a pretty good line in the penalty corner and took away some of what we wanted to do. We have to give them credit for stopping it. They did a good job. ”

Hannah McLaughlin agrees, adding: “It’s definitely a game we’ve been aiming for three points and obviously not got them. We have a 24-hour shift to play against Germany so we have to park it fast, learn from it and get ready for tomorrow as soon as possible. ”

The first three quarters were goalless, Ireland could not make full use of the six corners while Chile were out of order, spending one-third of the first half on short-hand due to cards.

Sarah Torrance missed a chance in the first minute in the bottom corner but Katie Mulan’s cross from the left was thought to have hit her back-stick.

Mullen then tested a backhand shot from Claudia Schuler. The South American team went less than 10 minutes before enduring their first scene-binging because emotions could erupt.

Things settled down at the break of the first quarter and Chile picked up a few strong counters that were turned by a diving Paula Valdivia around Dominika Ananias ’cross.

But Hannah McLaughlin came closest to breaking the stalemate before the first half when she turned to her opposite side and clipped a shot that landed just outside the left post.

With so much at stake, the third quarter became scrappy and the drama became even more conflicting. Chile had two corners in their way, but Ayesha McFarlane and her defensive numbers closed the corner when Francesca Lock’s mid-circle shot on the turn was just wide.

But with 12 minutes left in the game Chile picked up another set piece and this time, Dennis Krymerman slapped Losada hard and true at the bottom of the left channel to hit the backboard.

The Green Army responded immediately, winning three more corners to no avail when Zara Malsid had a three-shot in the goal, all desperately protected by a defensive stick.

Life becomes even more difficult when Lena Ties is shown a yellow card for a foul at halfway and Raisin Upton hits the head and Stakato holds Chile in the finish.

That means the focus quickly returns to their game against Germany on Wednesday: “We need to let it sink for a while, take some lessons, look back at the video but two matches very fast in 24 hours. There needs to be a point where we can mentally park it and keep all our focus on Germany. ”

“We have a moment of frustration and then we have to look to tomorrow,” Sarah Hawks added. “We have to change our minds towards recovery and we have a huge chance against the Germans who we always have a good game with.

“It’s a huge one [all-or-nothing] We have a chance to put something against them and I really believe we can. ”

Ireland: A. McFarlane, M. Kerry, R. Upton, S. Hawks, K. Mulan, H. McLaughlin, S. Trance, L. Tais, C. Purdue, D. Duke, E. Quran.

Members: S. Macaulay, J. Malsid, N. Carroll, C. Begus, K. Mackie, C. Hamill, L. Murphy.

Chile: C Shuler, D Ananias, F Villagran, D Krimerman, F Flowers, M Urroz, C Caram, F Tala, A Solano, M Maldonado, J Khamis

Members: S. Philippac, J. Salas, C. Palma, F. Vine, P. Valdivia, F. Arita, N. Salvador.

Umpires: W Venter (RSA), I Makar (CRO) n

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