Wimbledon 2022: ATP could snatch Wimbledon ranking points after rebelling from the top

Wimbledon 2022 Update – Players Rebel Against Wimbledon? Wimbledon has shocked the tennis world by banning Russian and Belarusian players from this year’s edition. And this time a surprising decision is coming against Wimbledon. UK media are reporting that top players have revolted against Wimbledon’s decision. And now ATP can snatch the official ranking points from Wimbledon: Follow Wimbledon 2022 updates and tennis news live updates with InsideSport.IN

  • According to The Telegraph and the Daily Mail, Wimbledon could effectively be reduced to a high-profile exhibition event this year.
  • In response to Russia’s controversial ban, the world’s top male players have called for the withdrawal of ranking points from the Grand Slam, the report said.
  • The ATP will decide on this within the next 24-48 hours

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Wimbledon 2022 Update: ATP Hunter Coming For Wimbledon, Report Reveals ‘Ranking Points Can Be Snatched From Wimbledon After Players Rebellion’: Follow Live Updates

Rebellion of players against Wimbledon? Will Wimbledon be reduced to an exhibition event? ATP’s top officials and top players met during the Madrid Masters, the report claimed. ATP has made it clear that some of the top players are reluctant to be named “Sanctions on Russian and Belarusian players are undesirable.”

After hearing the players’ opinions, it is now up to the ATP court to decide on the next course of action against Wimbledon.

Can ATP snatch Wimbledon ranking points? Independent from the rest of the Wimbledon tour. But owns the ATP ranking system.

ATP is good at withdrawing points awarded in a Grand Slam. If ATP is made by Wimbledon this year’s high pay show will be reduced.

Wimbledon’s controversial decision costly? Wimbledon has taken a hugely controversial decision by banning Russian and Belarusian players in the wake of the attack against Ukraine.

The move has sparked a storm of reactions around the tennis world. Most past and present players, as well as the governing bodies of men’s and women’s tennis – ATP and WTA, respectively – are speaking out against the ban.

The WTA warned last month that in response to the sanctions, the ATP initially stopped supporting the idea of ​​snatching ranking points.

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