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The reformers, exclusively Calvin and Luther, adopted the idea of ​​satisfying Anselm and changed it slightly. They have incorporated much more authoritative (or forensic) structures into this concept of the cross as a whole.

The result is that in the replacement of punishment, Jesus Christ died to satisfy God’s wrath against man’s sin. Jesus is punished (punished) in the position of sinners (substitution) to meet the legitimate demands of God’s customers for God’s justice and punishment for sin. In the light-weight of Jesus’ death, God can now forgive the sinner since Jesus Christ punished the sinner, thus fulfilling God’s vengeful demand for justice.

This legal balance of accounts is at the heart of the notion that Jesus died for legal pleasure. It is also really valuable that this concept assumes the concept of righteousness. This doctrine of atonement contradicts Anselm’s principle of appeasement that God is not currently satisfied with the debt of justice paid by Jesus, but that God is pleased to punish Jesus in place of mankind. The idea that the cross works on God, giving him the condition to forgive, is derived from the Anslems principle, but here the indications of substitution of punishment are different.

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This notion of atonement is perhaps the most influential nowadays, especially among reformists and missionaries. rn # 6 Government policy. The official policy of atonement is a slight change in the concept of punitive replacement, which is significantly held in methodology. The main difference listed here is the experience of Christ.

In the official sense, Jesus Christ punishes our sins and forgives God’s wrath. Thus, it is related to panel replacement. However, in the official sense, Jesus Christ not only accepts the right punishment that we deserve, He usually accepts a punishment. Jesus died on the cross to show God’s displeasure with sin. Best Essay Writing Service He died to show God’s wrath from sin and the high selling price that must be paid to compensate, but not to exclusively meet that personal wrath.

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The official notion further teaches that Jesus died only for the church, and that if you are part of the church by religion you can receive the element of God’s salvation.

The church then serves as a hiding place from God’s punishment. This view contrasts equally with the punishment and gratification models but maintains the basic realization that God cannot forgive if Jesus does not die for the loss of life. rn # 7 The idea of ​​a sacrificial goat. The sacrificial goat principle is a contemporary atonement concept that is rooted in the philosophical concept of the sacrificial goat. Below are important personalities Renেনে Girard and James Allison. In this doctrine of atonement, Jesus Christ died as a scapegoat for humanity. This theory is missing from the strategy that Jesus died to work on God (PSA, as satisfaction or official) or to pay Satan (as ransom).

For this reason the scapegoat is considered a non-violent atonement of various kinds, in which Jesus is not a sacrifice but a goal. There are several philosophical principles in this model, but in a fundamental sense, we can say that Jesus Christ as the scapegoat refers to the following. James Allison thus summarizes the principle of scapgotting, “Christianity is a priestly religion that understands that it replaces itself for the purpose of our natural sacrifice, God’s victory over our violence that equips us to equip us to realize the fullness of creation today. There was no death.

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