Virat Kohli is furious at the call of the third umpire

IPL 2022: RCB stand-in wicket-keeper Anuj Rawat made a bizarre wicket-keeper error during their crucial fight against the Gujarat Titans on Saturday, forcing RCB to give a no-ball. RCB regular keeper Dinesh Karthik, who was ill, collected the ball in front of Anuj Rawat stump which was called no-ball. The decision, however, angered Virat Kohli as he was seen arguing with the umpire for their no-ball call. Follow GT vs RCB live scores on InsideSport.IN

IPL 2022: GT vs RCB Live: Shahbaz Ahmed’s delivery declared as no-ball for bizarre ICC rules

The incident happened in the ninth over of the innings as Shahbaz Ahmed bowled. Shabaz bowled a delivery outside of the stumps so that Shubhaman Gill tried to play a cut shot. Although he was beaten and wicketkeeper Anuj Rawat applied for the catch.

The field umpire raised his finger and gave out. However, the batsman immediately reviewed it. When the third umpire saw, no edge was seen in the replay and Shubhaman Gill was saved. However, wicket-keeper Anuj Rawat collected the ball in line with the stumps and considered it a no-ball, much to the chagrin of the RCB.

According to ICC Act 27.3.1, the wicket-keeper will be completely behind the wicket from the moment of play to the end of the striker until the bowler gives a ball.

  • When the ball touches the striker’s bat or person or
  • The wicket passes at the end of the striker or
  • The striker is trying to run.

Replay shows Anuj Rawat placing his hand in front of the stumps before collecting the ball. While reviewing the decision, the third umpire quickly pointed it out and the on-field umpires called it a no-ball.

This proved to be costly as Shubhaman Gill hit a huge six off the next ball, which was a free-hit.

IPL 2022: GT vs RCB Live: Shahbaz Ahmed’s delivery declared as no-ball for bizarre ICC rules

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