Tiri has been out for 7-8 weeks with ACL tears

AFC Cup: Tiri has been out of ACL for 6-7 weeks – ATK Mohun Bagan’s Spanish central defender Tiri has been ruled out for at least seven weeks after suffering a knee injury in another push for the ISL heavyweights following Wednesday’s loss to AFC Cup group opener Gokulam Kerala. Follow the AFC Cup update on InsideSport.IN

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AFC Cup: Big push for ATK Mohun Bagan

AFC Cup: ATK Mohun Bagan defender Tiri dropped from ACL for 7-8 weeks

Inside the box, Gokulam was injured during a tackle with Kerala forward Luka Mazen and was in excruciating pain. He had to stretch out in the 39th minute.

“She is suffering from an ACL tear that will take at least seven to eight weeks to recover.” An ATKMB official said here.

Ashutosh Mehta was brought in by Juan Ferrendo to play in a crucial position after the Mariners’ defense collapsed in the second half, allowing him to score four goals to cut the sad figure.

AFC Cup: Big push for ATK Mohun Bagan
AFC Cup: Big push for ATK Mohun Bagan

AFC Cup: Gokulam Kerala beat ATK Mohan Chart 4-2

ATKMB did a horror show on their home turf when they faced new I-League winning team Gokulam Kerala. The Kerala teams had a great win and an equally significant setback for the Kolkata Giants as the final scoreline fell 4-2 in favor of the I-League team. This opening win against ATKMB in the AFC Cup will serve as a big confidence booster for the Kerala team.

AFC Cup: Big push for ATK Mohun Bagan

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