This game is where the most money flows!

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It’s no secret that companies fund sports clubs. In 2019, as part of sports sponsorship, অনু 30 billion has flowed to various clubs in each conceivable sport worldwide. Yet playing football is still the measure of everything. MeanwhileThe gaming industry is also jumping like a trend – and both sides are enjoying the benefits of financially strong support. For marketing purposes, the game is ideally suited because bMillions of fans actively support their club and visibility for sponsors has increased significantly. Whether it’s a shirt ad or a banner ad, clubs without sponsors have very little chance of surviving financially and gaining SP.orting success

This is how billions of dollars of sponsorship dollars are shared in sports

As already mentioned, the game of football plays an overriding role in terms of sponsorship. Annual investment amount (2019) is more than 30 billion US dollars, about 13 billion US dollars have been invested in the world. FootballThat alone is already a significant amount. In racing – such as Formula 1 – the sum is still 2.5 2.5 billion. But the differences are obvious here, and especially football Plays a very important role for the sponsors. Other games where sponsors like to advertise Their brands are basketball, Olympic sports and American football, each worth about 2. 2.2 billion.

They are followed by golf, baseball, rugby and ice hoCkey sponsors invest the least money in boxing and sailing. Tennis, on the other hand, receives about বিল 1 billion in sponsorship money. Recently, online casinos and sports betting providers are also investing as part of the sponsorship, becaThe use of gambling industry has developed in the society. Gone are the days when clubs and associations turned down casino sponsors and Even in America (especially American football) there is more and more collaboration between clubs and the gambling industry Being

This football sponsorship is a lucrative deal!

To illustrate the aggregates flowing in football alone, some deals aNow re-presented. Spanish club Barcelona has long refused to sponsor (until 2006). But now retail chain Rakuten pays the club 65 65 million a year. Other sponsors of the successful club include Nike and Qatar Airways. Barcelona is So not only the most successful football club of this century, but also the most profitable in terms of sponsorship. Financial supporters are literally scrambling to partner with the club. But Real Madrid also financed his expensive PLAyers through marketing and sponsorship. Several brands have invested in soccer clubs in recent years. With a value of around 3.4 billion euros, Real Madrid (as of 2021) is arguably the most valuable football club in the world..

Since 2014, Adidas and Chevrolet have been considered the main sponsors of Manchester United. The club earns a whopp187 million euros per year from these two sponsors, but they are far from being the sole sponsors of the club. However, even the most successful soccer clubs in the world need financially strong partners to pay the terrible players. In addition, the sum aAgain sometimes transactions are made in the transfer market which is almost impossible to manage without a strong partner from the sponsorship. Of course, sponsors do not accept this financial tour de force with complete altruism. Brand visibility is increased and, in the medium term, the investment pays off naturally. So both sides benefit from sponsorship in the football business.

Betting providers and online casinos are also active sponsors

About 70 percent of all professional football teams in E.European top leagues are also financially supported by gamblers. At the European level, football is the most active sport in the world. Here, the English Premier League takes the highest percentage of visitors. There are agreements with many clubs Sponsored from the gambling industry. Why not? Many fans who support their club also like to invest in sports betting and bet on their team winning. It is interesting to note that football has a definite tendency to win or lose. There are obvious favorites and outsiders. Therefore, the results can be estimated, at least probable.

Without financiers, the billion dollar business in football would not work. You have to invest a lot of money to run a successful club. Player Salaries, training, huge amount of other staff and sometimes maintenance of huge stadiums cost a lot of money. So it is more understandable that soccer clubs go in search of sponsors. The most successful and well-known cLubs, it doesn’t matter, because sponsors – including the casino industry and betting providers – are literally lining up. Smaller clubs rely on different sponsors and gratefully accept offers from the gambling industry. As already thereIt is known that the best paid athletes in the world can be found in the game of football. In football, capital is also partly responsible for success. The transfer fees of the best players cost a huge amount. But only the best players are guaranteed success in GAMe.

This is the future trend of sports marketing

What is usually a certain trend is also used by athletes. Not just football but athletes market themselves as influential. A perfect example is PSG superstar Neymar. His income has been high for a long timeRome is only a fraction – quite remarkable – of players’ salaries. The new “digital hero” of the sports industry generates millions of sales for financially strong sponsors. So it’s not just clubs and associations that benefit from advertisingers, but the athletes themselves. This is also important because sports career is limited. All social platforms are used intensively. Athletes and clubs do it at a higher level.

Because of this the advertising is not done with the partner’s logoHe or the stadium ad. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are marketing their products and services through passion and storytelling. Current social issues also find expression in sports in personal advertising. The credibility of the advertising partners plaAn important role here. Increasingly, the combination of sponsors and athletes or sports clubs is also important. These have to be adapted together. Only a brand does not fit the soccer club. Here, behind-the-scenes strategists try to find harmonious adsrtners that fit the concept of the club. This technique is called “branding” and is often followed.

Of course, this is also about addressing the right target group. At a sports and financial level, trying to find the right combInnovation of sponsorship and club image building. Sponsors will be essential for future sports, and the two levels are perfectly compatible with each other.

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