“They call me the best player in the country,” he told SOUL Goblin Insidesport

Tim Soul recently made history by winning the title at a major event for the first time in BGMI history. Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series Season 1 won by 85-points against second-ranked Team Orange Rock in Team Soul style.

A significant reason for this insane gap with other teams is the huge number of finishes completed by the entire team. However, a significant part of this completion was done by SOUL Goblin, who was also the MVP of the tournament. Goblin is now a sensitive member of the BGMI community, inspiring many players to follow their dreams.

In an exclusive interview with Insidesport, SOUL Goblin aka Harsh Podwal talks to Abhinandan Chakraborty (Manager-Sports and Gaming) about BMPS and everything outside of it.

Question 1. How does it feel to win the biggest BGMI tournament in India?

From being an underdog to dominating the T1 lobby, the journey was mind blowing. I had the opportunity to prove myself and the death penalty could not be the best. The smiles and joy that we as a team have brought to my mother’s face and to the faces of millions of people is priceless.

Question 2. Who was Soul Goblin before winning BMPS?

No one has heard of Goblin before. Soul Goblin was an unofficial player without any credit but now they call me the best player in the country. Today, I am proud to be the MVP of the biggest BGMI tournament in India.

Q3. What does it take to keep up with the kills in a pro-tournament?

A routine grind with the right instructions brings focus to all your hard work. The appetite to win as a team gives you the responsibility to consistently take kill points and in my team I have handled that responsibility quite well.

Q4. What is one thing that you want to change from the whole tournament?

Even though we won by a huge margin, I still feel that making stupid mistakes cost a few points for the team. The final match on the 3rd day where I hit 13 was the best and worst match for me. I got high kill but my extra confidence brought us to the second position in that match.

Question 5. The best moment of BMPS Season 1

Being a big fan of Mortal and Viper brothers, playing the final match of the tournament with them was a dream moment for me. Taking a chicken dinner and then celebrating the victory of the tournament with all the people waiting outside was something I never imagined.

Question 8. What are your expectations from PMWI and how are you going to communicate with it?

I believe in performing at the top of my form, whatever the stage. I believe in my instincts and we are ready for the world stage with full confidence in my team. Whatever the outcome, we promise to make our supporters and our country proud.

Question 8. What are your expectations from BGIS Season 2 and how are you getting to it?

The BMPS Trophy is not that. We are not stopping here. While maintaining the confidence we have built in BMPS, we are gearing up for the challenges ahead. The plan for BGIS is to realize the mistakes and correct them.

Good luck to Soul Goblin for his future endeavors!

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