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The Tailteann Cup – Leitrim vs Sligo – preview, stats, and starting team, they may be close neighbors but have not crossed the path of their championship much in recent times.

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In fact, it would be their first championship clash since 2016 when they faced off in an All-Ireland qualifier.

This will be their sixth championship meeting in the last 30 years.

Awesome Sequence – Is It Laitrim’s Turn? If the pattern of the last seven championship games between them continues, Leitrim will take their place in the semifinals as Sligo won in 2016. They have had eight championship games since 1985, winning every second game.

Sligo beat Leitrim by six points at Markivich Park in this year’s Allianz League (Div 4)

Season so far:

Leitrim: 4th Division 4; Connaught SFC: lost to London by four points; Lost by 23 points to Galway. Teltian Cup: Leitrim 2-14 Antrim 1-12.

Sligo: 3rd Division 4; Connaught SFC: beat New York by four points; Roscommon lost by 12 points; Teltian Cup: Sligo 3-15 London 2-16 (aet).

The last five championship meetings

2016: Sligo 2-15 Leitrim 1-10 (All-Ireland Qualifier)

2011: Leitrim 1-10 Sligo 0-10 (Conach Quarter Finals)

2006: Sligo 1-7 Leitrim 0-9 (All-Ireland Qualifier)

2005: Leitrim 1-11 Sligo 0-9 (Conach Quarter Finals)

2002: Sligo 2-13 Leitrim 2-4 (Connaught Semifinal)

Start team

The announcement is to be made on Friday evening

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