Nostragamas – Antivirus for personal computers

A good anti-virus for computers will keep you and your data safe from online dangers. Without a good antivirus, your online activity may be monitored by hackers who are able to use this data to make purchases, steal card details and much more. Fortunately, most anti-virus software is free and comes with a free sample, which is an easy way to test the technology. If you are not sure which anti-virus is right for your laptop, here are some of the best options for downloading and installing.

For gamers, Norton has its own unique antivirus called Norton Fish Hunter 360 for gamers. The game optimizer in this antivirus should automatically detect when you are playing one and give it optimal CPU power when shutting down other programs. The end result will be a better visual and overall better gaming experience. Avira’s antivirus protection software for PC is the only antivirus provided by the full release of Spy War Removal Device. This is a great choice for gamers who want to get the highest level of security.

Intego’s antivirus engine offers good spyware and protection, great web security and reasonable VPN. Although MalwareBytes lacks many prime features, its user interface makes it a great way for those looking for a no-frills antivirus for computers. In addition, it has a generous 60-day money-back guarantee. Of the few antiviruses designed specifically for Apple PC users,, MacKeeper is another choice. This antivirus offers a range of good Trojan protection and other security features for macOS. MacKeeper is an intuitive MacOS app.

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