No more porpoising for the Mercedes W13 Challenger

Source No. 1: Mercedes engineering chief Andrew Shovlin made a huge claim about the W13 Challenger as the team announced that the porpoise issues had now been cured and taken care of. The Silver Arrows duo of Hamilton and Russell can now take advantage of this and have a chance to win races in the second half of the F1 2022 season. Follow Formula 1 updates on InsideSport.IN

Mercedes is one team that believes they have finally figured out how to control porpoising without sacrificing too much performance. “Bouncing is no longer a problem,” Shovlin said.

“We still have some things in hand, not spectacular, but things that will take us further. We are no longer going in circles, but are now constantly moving forward Also with setup,” Shovlin added.

To contrast degrees, each group on the grid has to contend with bouncing issues at the start of the year. The phenomenon is due to the re-introduction of ground-effect aerodynamic features into the car’s design, which helps in close racing.

Regardless, the unfortunate aftereffect was porpoising. In pre-season testing it became clear that the new optimum design was causing the vehicles to skid terribly at high speeds, causing them to lose grip in corners.

A few teams caught on quickly, yet Mercedes was the outfit that had them scratching their heads the longest. What’s more, it negatively affected the drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell – particularly at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix where Hamilton suffered severe back pain after racing at the Baku circuit.

Source 1: Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton gets massive boost as Silver Arrows claim W13 challenger - check out
Source 1: Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton suffered back pain after the Azerbaijan GP.

At the end of the week, the FIA ​​stepped in with a special order that will take effect in Belgium later this month. Still, after that, the point was pretty much faded, as the skipping was considerably less noticeable on smooth tracks.

Meanwhile, former F1 driver Jolyon Palmer believes it is only a matter of time before Mercedes return to winning ways. “Thirteen races in and the team’s trajectory is clearest on the grid that they are undoubtedly on their way to their first win of the season, which I predict they will be in the next handful of races.” Palmer added.

“We head into the summer shutdown with Verstappen and Red Bull cruising into the distance and Ferrari looking over their shoulders as Mercedes accelerate, a feat you find hard to believe after the start of the season,” Palmer finished.

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