Madcap Moss punched his ticket to the MITB Ladder match

WWE SmackDown Result: WWE SmackDown LIVE: Another week for the WWE Universe and another version of Friday Night SmackDown awaits. This week’s show has been broadcast live from the Foot Print Center, Phoenix, Arizona.

Deadly four-way match: Ezekiel, Happy Corbin, Madcap Moss and The Miz compete in a deadly four-way match to qualify for the final spot in the MITB Ladder match. Madcap Moss and Ezekiel show off their athleticism in the match. However, The Miz and Happy Corbin both intercept the men and the match continues to attack each other terribly.

Happy Corbin destroyed everyone in the match with a bold statement in front of Pat McAfee. He gives Ezekiel a choke slam at the announcement table and destroys Miz and Madcap Moss.

The match continues with a tough fight in Madcap Moss and The Miz Ring when Happy Corbin disrupts Madcap’s victory. However, Madcap Moss destroys Corbin with a low blow, then a punch line. Unfortunately, Ezekiel Corbin stops pinning.

The four men fought hard to stop each other, but Ezekiel destroyed everyone in the ring. However, Happy Corbin stops him and delivers the end of the day to Ezekiel. Meanwhile, Madcap Moss rushes in and breaks Corbin at the ring post. Eventually, Madcap Moss pinned Ezekiel to win the final in the MTB ladder match.

Six women tag team matches: Superstars Asuka, Alexa Bliss, and Liv Morgan competed against SmackDown superstars Raquel Rodriguez, Shotzi and Lacey Evans. Also, Big Time Becks Becky Lynch, joined the commentary table to watch the match. Shatji and Asuka started the match but Shatji moved away from tagging Lacey Evans. Both women fought hard to defeat each other.

Later, Alexa Bliss and Raquel Rodriguez in the ring changed tags on both sides. Raquel initiated the destruction of her Alexa Bliss. However, Liv Morgan faces Raquel Rodriguez. Meanwhile, Shotzi faces Liv Morgan. Soon, the chaos on the ringside begins when Liv Morgan gives a suicide dive to Lacey Evans and Shotz who were arguing outside the ring.

The match continues with Alexa Bliss and Raquel Rodriguez. Meanwhile, Shotzi tagged in to attack Alexa Bliss. Shotzi continued the destruction of his bliss until he tagged the former champion Kal Empress. The match gained momentum with six women engaged in a fierce strike in the ring.

In the end, Liv Morgan pinned the shotgun to win the six women’s tag team match.

Viking riders ruin the new day: The New Day SmackDown recalls their experiences with the Viking riders. Earlier, both teams were scheduled to compete against each other, however, the Viking Riders defeated Coffee Kingston and Xavier Woods before the start of the match.

Eric and Ivar Coffee destroyed Kingston and Xavier Woods, making bold statements about their return.

Happy Corbin won the Battle Royale: All the superstars competed in the ring for the old fashion Battle Royale. The first exclusions came from Omos, with Madcap Moss and The Miz in first place, excluding Ezekiel. Later, Drew McIntyre tried to attack the Nigerian giant but failed to defeat him.

Seth Rollins finishes himself

Surprisingly, Seth Rollins eliminated himself to avoid any harm to Omos. However, Riddle provides Rollins with an RKO, who later catches Omos to eliminate him. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus Riddle joined to eliminate the Giants who have already eliminated 3.

The match continued with Shemas Riddle attacking in the corner. Meanwhile, Drew McIntyre and Happy Corbin fought over the apron. Further, the WWE Universe has seen the Celtic Warrior destroy the puzzle in the ring. On the other hand, McIntyre and Sheamus rejoined to attack self-proclaimed locker room leader Sami Zayn.

Later, Shimas takes Riddle out on his knees. With only the final four superstars left, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Sami Zine and Happy Corbin fought hard. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus fought in the ring again, trying to eliminate each other. McIntyre picked up his pace in the match and dropped Sami Zayn.

In the end, however, Happy Corbin took advantage of the situation and removed Sheamus and Drew McIntyre to win the royal battle.

Adam Pierce has declared the Battle Royale: Night SmackDown begins on Friday, with heated exchanges with each other. When Raw’s superstar The Miz argued with Drew McIntyre, all the men got involved in their argument. Meanwhile, other superstars joined for the final spot for the MITB ladder match.

Join mEzekiel, Happy Corbin and The Miz SmackDown in a warm atmosphere. However, WWE official Adam Pierce has announced a battle royal for the final spot for the MITB ladder match.

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