Leinster Hurling – Galway vs Dublin – Preview, stats and starting team

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A draw would be enough for Galway to get a place in the Leinster final. A draw would put Dublin in the All-Ireland race where a win would see them reach the final.

The last five championship meetings

2021: Dublin 1-18 Galway 1-14 (Leinster Quarter Final)
2019: Dublin 3-19 Galway 0-24 (Leinster ‘Round Robin’)
2018: Galway 0-26 Dublin 2-19 (Leinster ‘Round Robin’)
2017: Galway 2-28 Dublin 1-17 (Leinster Quarter Final)
2015: Galway 5-19 Dublin 1-18 (Leinster Quarter Final) Replay

This will be the 12th championship match in the county, with Dublin leading 7-3 and a draw in the previous XI. Dublin has won the last two in 2019 and 2021.

The man from Galway, Matty Kenny has won two championships in his native county as Dublin manager. They won a ‘round robin’ tie by four points in 2019 and had the same margin left in last year’s Leinster semifinals.

Galway’s manager, Henry Shefflin, has played eight times for Kilkenny against Dublin in the Championship and was on the winning side eight times. Dublin drew and lost to Kilkenny in the 2013 Leinster semifinals but Shefflin missed both games.

Dublin have conceded just one goal in their first four round-robin games (Laos in the first round). Galway has scored seven goals in their four matches.

Top scorer (round robin) Dublin
Donal Burke… .0-45 (0-30 Free) Ryan McBride… 0-9
Chris Krumie… 0-5

Connor Kuni …… .1-28 (0-20 free, 1-0 pen, 0-2 ’65s’) Joseph Kuni …… ..2-13
Tom Monaghan …… ..0-14

Starting team

Galway Harler vs. Dublin 2022
Galway Harler vs. Dublin 2022
  • Dublin Harler vs. Galway 2022
    Dublin Harler vs. Galway 2022


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