Leinster Football – Dublin vs Wexford

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Leinster Football – Dublin vs Wexford – Preview, stats, and starting team start time at 6:30 pm live on Sky Sports.

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Dublin vs. Wexford

They have met for the second year in a row – Dublin won by eight points in last season’s Leinster quarter-final. This is Dublin’s first outing at this year’s Championship when they got a great win against Wexford Offley in the first round last Sunday. Offali (Div 2) finished 15 places above Wexford (Div 4) in the Allies League but the Model Men filled the gap in style on the way to a three-point victory (1-15 to 1-12). This is a big improvement over their Allianz League form where they finished sixth in Division 4 (two wins, one draw and four defeats).

The last five championship meetings

2021: Dublin 0-15 Wexford 0-7 (Leinster Quarter Final)

2014: Dublin 2-25 Wexford 1-12 (Leinster semifinals)

2012: Dublin 2-11 Wexford 1-10 (Leinster semifinals)

2011: Dublin 2-12 Wexford 1-12 (Leinster Final)

2010: Dublin 2-16 Wexford 0-15 (Leinster quarter-final – extra time)

Their first championship meeting was at a Leinster semifinal in 1888 and they are now on their way to 51.St. In the clash, Dublin won 34 of 12 Wexford and four draws in the previous 50.

Wexford’s last championship win against Dublin was in 1956 when they won the Leinster quarter-final by six points in Carlo. They have met 19 times since then, Dublin has won them all.

Dublin Leinster have not lost in the quarter-finals since 2004 when Westmeath beat them and won the provincial title for the first time. Wexford last reached the Leinster semifinals in 2014.

Unusual territory for Dublin … they have won just two of their last eight leagues and championship games. They lost to Mayo in last year’s All-Ireland semifinals and have lost five of their seven Allies league games this year.

Starting team

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