IPL Media Rights Tender: Disney Star Holds IPL Broadcasting Rights: Follow

IPL Media Rights Tender Live – IPL Rights E-Auction Live Update: IPL rights packages A and B are finally sold out. Package CO has reached 1813 crore and bidding will now resume on Tuesday Reliance Viacom acquires digital rights and retains broadcast rights to Disney Star IPL 2023-27. BCCI’s total revenue has reached Rs 46,000 crore and may increase further tomorrow: Follow live updates of all IPL tenders with InsideSport.IN

BCCI has finally received Rs 44,075 crore ($ 5.64 BN) for the A + B package. Digital BIDS has finally closed at Rs 50 crore per match. Broadcasting rights are available at Rs 56.5 crore.

This means that for the first time in the IPL there will be two separate broadcasters.

Day 2 Highlights: Overall revenue of BCCI stands at Rs 46,000 crore so far

  • Won digital rights for Viacom 320,500 crore. Only 13% lower than the standard of digital broadcasting.
  • TV rights in the Indian subcontinent: The Disney Star holds the rights 323,575 crore
  • Packages have been sold for 344,075 crore.
  • Package C: Bidding reached 1813 crores
  • Package D: 3 out of 5 remaining regions of the world sold
  • The auction will start at 11 am on Tuesday.
  • At present, the total income of BCCI stands 45.6 Sales to millions + the rest of the world (commercials not yet disclosed)

IPL Media Rights Tender: Disney Star Holds BCCI Broadcasting Rights, Viacom Bags IPL Digital, BCCI Crosses 46,000 Crore Marks: Follow IPL E-Auction Live

The bid closed at 44,075 crore marks (USD 5.64 billion).

According to the latest data from InsideSport, Package A sold 23,575 Cr (57.5 Cr per match). Package B of digital rights for India has cost Rs 20,500 crore (Rs 50 crore per match).

Overall package A + B received BCCI 107.5 CR per match. However, the BCCI has not yet confirmed or given any official information in this regard.

According to the BCCI- ‘No one knows the name except the highest bidder at this stage’

  • Package A – IPL Broadcast Rights Package is sold at 57.5 CR
  • Package B – IPL Digital Rights Sold at 50 CR
  • Package C – currently at Rs 18.5 crore per match / price at 1818 CR – is running
  • Package D – 3 out of 5 remaining regions of the world sold.

IPL Media Rights Tender: The value of IPL exceeds Rs 100 crore mark per match, surpassing the Premier League.

IPL Media Rights Tender Live: Lalit Modi has made big and bold predictions about media rights value.

IPL Media Rights Tender: Day 2 Bidding starts at 11, BCCI is already enriched by Rs 43,050 crore: Follow IPL Tender Live Updates

DAY 2 starts

@ 15: 00: Bidding for Package C begins

@ 14: 45: Package B – Rs 50 crore per match / IPL for having separate live broadcast and live streaming partner.

13: 34: Why is Package B going for re-bidding? According to the IPL tender, the winner of Package A has been given the option to challenge the winner of Digital Rights i.e. Package B. The package winner will be given the same right to challenge Package C – what does that mean?

  • First things first, broadcasting and digital rights are different
  • Second thing: now the broadcast winner also wants to acquire digital rights. RE-Bidding will start from 2PM.

12: 45: So the big question is who won package A and package B? Market speculation and rumors Claim – SONY wins broadcasting rights for Indian subcontinent – but no official word yet from BCCI sources

  • To clarify: even BCCI officials do not see who is bidding. Only BIDDER whose BID has been approved as HIGHEST BID knows that he has won BID.

12: 30: The winner of Package A has decided to challenge the winner of Package B. For digital rights. The bidding for the package will be done again after 2 pm.

A11:55 AM: Technically Package A winner can still challenge Package B Winner for digital rights. If he does the same, re-bidding for the package will be done after 2 p.m.

The bid closed at 43,255 crore marks (USD 5.5 billion). According to the latest data from InsideSport, Package A sold 23,575 Cr (57.5 Cr per match) and Digital Rights Package B for India at 19,680 crore (48 crore Cr per match).

: 11:30 AM: IPL rights sold for Rs 43,050 crore

  • Package A – IPL Broadcast Rights Package is sold at 57.5 CR
  • Package B – IPL Digital Rights Sold at 48 CR
  • A10:45 a.m.: This number will shock advertisers – check

Disney Star sells 10 second spot for 14 LACS / 43K crore in IPL 2022 – Break-even more than 1 CR / 30 second ad spot winner needs to sell SPOT for 40 LACS – get ready for it The winning curse

  • 10 10am: Bidding will start at 11am – All the bidders are getting very strong in the race and no one is willing to give a discount. – Impossible

Day 1 ended with bidding at the bottom stage

  • The value of IPL per match has crossed Rs 100 crore / is now more valuable than the Premier League. Only the NFL is more expensive than the IPL rights
  • IPL digital rights cost Rs 48.04 crore per match / broadcasting rights for Indian subcontinent at Rs 57 crore

Broadcast rights of the Indian subcontinent: The initial battle is between Disney Star vs. Sony Network vs. Reliance Viacom 18

Digital Rights India: ZEE is bidding for digital rights and competing with Disney Hotstar and Reliance Jio (Viacom18).

IPL Media Rights Tender: BCCI already enriched by Rs 43,000 crore, will continue bidding on Monday: Follow IPL Tender Live Updates

  • @ 18: 00: First day bidding ends – Day 2 will start again on Monday at 11 am
  • @ 17: 45: BID for 1 day will end at 6 pm – BCCI is already rich 43,050 crore / this means BID price is already 2.5 times higher than last time and all the bidders are still fighting.
  • @ 17: 15: The standard of IPL comfortably passes 100 CR per match – According to current bids: Package A is included in the 57 CR And Package B has already touched 48.04 Millions of rupees per match. This means that now only digital rights are worth more than the final price of the TOTAL IPL package
  • @ 17: 00: Only 1 hour left for the day – All bidders are still on RACE, bids are about to exceed $ 5.5BN
  • : 16:45: BID is currently Rs 43,000 crore – which is about Rs 7,000 crore more than the total value of the entire rights package.
  • 16: 40: IPL The e-auction is not likely to end today – the deadline for the day is 6PM. Still fighting with all bidders – The e-auction will be moved to Monday
  • 16: 00: IPL Digital Rights Value Cross 19,000 Crore / IPL Live Broadcast Cross 23000 Crore – At present the total BID for rights in Indian subcontinent alone stands at around 42,000 Crore – It is learned that all the bidders are still in conflict
  • 15: 30: Bidding resumes and the value of IPL rights exceeds Rs 100 crore per match: At present BIDS is Rs 42,000 crore
  • @ 14: 00: 1st half of IPL e-auction Bidding for rights exceeds 40,000 CR – That means IPL rights are already more than double the current price
  • @ 13: 30PM: IPL rights e-auction will resume at 3:30 PM: All the bidders are still fighting. ‘Numbers cannot be disclosed’, Said the BCCI official.
  • @ 12: 41PM: First day auction IST will run until 6pm / There will be breaks from 1:30 PM to 3PM
  • 12:30 PM: ZEE is unlikely to bid for Package A / Package B & C where Zee preferences have been previously reported by InsideSport. Sony is bidding on behalf of the sports network Culver Max Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. for Package A.
  • 12: 15 PM: Lalit Modi has made big and bold predictions – IPL rights will bring in more than 8 8 billion – says up to $ 10 billion
  • 11: 55 AM: At the request of the bidders, BCCI allows incremental BIDS increase of any amount above 50 LACS. The funny thing is the e-auction module is, nobody knows who is bidding BCCI or bidders? The last thing that comes to their mind is the amount of bids.
  • The first block is e-auction for packages A and B – BIDS will be set up simultaneously. 49 crore base price for package A / 33 crore for package B Let’s see who started the bidding war. Bidders for 410 matches.
  • 11. 11.00 am: Bidding Begins, Mjunction e-auction company is conducting bidding

IPL Media Right Tender: See how e-auction works?

IPL Media Right Tender – Bidder List

  • Package A – Indian Subcontinent Broadcast: Reliance Viacom18, Disney Star, Sony Network, Zee (not likely to BID) – Bidding starts from Rs 49 crore, incremental BID – 50 LACS
  • Package B – Digital Indian Subcontinent: Reliance Viacom18 (Jio & Voot), Disney Star (Hotstar), Sony Network (SonyLIV), Zee (Zee5), Times Internet – Bidding starts from 33 crores, incremental BID – 50 lakhs
  • Package CNon-exclusive: Package C Grouping: Consists of 18 or more opening matches; Double Header Play Off Night Games – Extended BID – 15 lakh
  • Package DThe rest of the world: Supersport, FunAsia, Times Internet – Bidding starts at Rs 3 crore, Extended BID – 10 LACS

IPL Media Right Tender: Big Bits for BCCI, Amazon and Google, Star, Sony, Viacom, Times Submit Technical Bids: Follow Live Updates

InsideSport has learned from its source that although ZEE has submitted their technical BID, it will not bid for Package A. Their merger with Sony is imminent, they are unlikely to play SPOIL-SPORT for their own partner.

“Why would ZEE bid? Will they compete with their own partner SONY with whom they will soon be merging. No, they will not bid on RACE “, A source close to the ZEE promoters said.

The BCCI Legal and Finance Committee team has technically evaluated the bids.

Technically qualified bidders have advanced to the bidding round which will be conducted today.

IPL Media Right Tender: Big Bits for BCCI, Amazon and Google, Star, Sony, Viacom, Times Submit Technical Bids: Follow Live Updates

IPL Media Rights Tender: Big Risk for BCCI, Amazon Ready to Withdraw from IPL Media Rights Race: Report – Follow Live Updates

  • In the package TV rights only for the Indian subcontinent.
  • Package B Fulfills digital rights only for the Indian subcontinent.
  • Package C Only Indian subcontinent has digital rights to a special bouquet match including playoffs – Non-exclusive package
  • Package DWhich consists of the rights of the rest of the world for both TV and digital, divided into two subclasses: the combined ROW or the five separate territories.
  1. What is the similarity of package C?
  • Package C consists of ‘Special package’ The number of matches in this match package will vary depending on the total number of matches in the season, the IPL said.
  • If there are 74 matches in IPL (eg IPL 2022), there will be 18 matches in special package.
  • If there are more than 74 matches in a season, the special package match for each additional 10 matches will increase in two steps.
  • Why it is a special package because it is a Non-exclusive Package.
  1. How does the bidding process work?

The base price is different for each of the four packages.

Bidders must list an amount that is at least the amount of the rising base price (74 x the base price for each package). The highest bidder will get the right to individual package.

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