IND vs ENG Live: Dravid has been tasked with making 3 big decisions before 8pm tonight: Check

IND vs ENG Live – 3 big decisions before India-England Edgbaston Test? Less than a day left to determine the 5th Test series. But the Indian team management is still uncertain about some big decisions. Whether it is the availability of Rohit Sharma or the appointment of a new captain or the finalization of the playing XI – the team management has yet to answer openly. An official press conference will be held today at 8 PM and the team has been given the responsibility to decide all the 3 questions: Follow live updates and scores of all-India tour of England on InsideSport.IN.

  • India will face England at Edgbaston in Birmingham on Friday
  • After postponing the series last year, the spectators are now leading the series 2-1
  • After a positive test for Covid-19 again on Wednesday, the Indian team management will have to call for Rohit Sharma’s availability.

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IND vs ENG Live: Indian team management in Edgbaston has ‘tasked’ to make 3 big decisions before 8pm tonight, see details: Follow India England 5th Test Live

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Rahul Dravid’s Weight and Watch Method –

Prior to the clash, Rahul Dravid addressed the media and refused to give any indication about the party selection. Dravid even said that Rohit Sharma could still play a Test match if he tested negative for Kovid-19.

“The update about Rohit is that our medical team is monitoring him and we still have 36 hours left. He has not been blown up yet. Tonight and morning will be his test to see if he is available. He must return negative to play Tests. ” Said Dravid.

“It is better to contact from official sources. They will decide as soon as we get some clarification about Rohit. ” Dravid added Bumrah.

So here are three important areas where Team India management has to make a decision-

Decision 1 – Will Rohit Sharma be found or not?

  • For the first time since being appointed captain, Rohit Sharma was ready to lead the Indian team in a foreign Test match.
  • However, he has been infected with Covid-19 and is unlikely to be available for testing.
  • As a precaution, Rohit was isolated and traveled to Birmingham alone.
  • Rohit’s availability is a big problem for the team management as it will leave two loop holes in the team – captaincy and opener’s place.
  • “He is not out yet,” Dravid Boldley told the media on Wednesday. Will he finally have to be announced by 8pm tonight – Rohit out or in the innings?

Decision 2 – Appoint a new captain

  • Since it is not possible to get Rohit Sharma – the team management will have to officially announce the new-captain for the Edgbaston Test.
  • In Rohit’s absence, Jaspreet Bumrah is ready to take charge of the Indian team.
  • Bumrah will join a string of new captains in recent times as Team India has failed to provide a permanent captain due to injuries like Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul.
  • Former captain Virat Kohli was slammed for leading the team in important clashes apart from Rahul and Rohit, but that too has been ruled out for the time being.

IND vs ENG Live: Indian team management in Edgbaston will make 3 big decisions before 8pm tonight, see details: Follow India England 5th Test Live

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Mayank Agarwal and KS India are India’s opening options

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Decision 3 – Indian Playing XI Edgbaston Test

  • The most important of the decisions is what should be the best XI of the 5th Test?
  • Opener: Rohit cannot be found. In that case, who takes his place as the opener? Pujara or Hanuma Bihari? Or will KS be Bharat or Mayank Agarwal?
  • Two spinners? Will the team play Ashwin and Rabindra Jadeja in the XI? Or will Rohit Sharma be an extra batsman in his absence?
  • Management will have to decide whether to play two spinners or one extra batter or bowler in the match before 8pm tonight.

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