“I feel good about my game; it’s just about managing expectations,” Lori said

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Former Open champion Shane Lori is looking forward to starting her Horizon Irish Open Challenge today at Mount Juliet in Co Kilkenny.

“I say every year, it’s always great to be back at the Irish Open. It’s very close to me, and I owe a lot to where I was in the game I started with the Irish Open in 2009, and yes, it gave me the kick start of my career that I really needed, of course from the rest of the boys around my level at that time. I have one left. “

Discussing his good early season form, Ofly Native says:

“It’s been a nice stretch for me, and I’m feeling confident, I’m feeling good about my game. So it’s really about managing expectations in a week like this. But I think I’m doing it every week because I think every week I play is such a big week now, and every week I want to do really well. ”

According to former Irish Open champion Shane Lori, however, there is additional pressure on Irish players this week to perform in front of home spectators:

“It’s just managing expectations, managing myself around the course and allowing myself to play good golf, and I’ll be fine. I consider it like any other tournament. I was actually talking about it the other night, you come back to Ireland to play this tournament once a year. And especially this year, when everything is going well and I’m playing pretty well, there’s no sense in being ashamed, one of the highest ranked players on the field, one of the top Irish players, a player that people really want to do well. There is hope. ”

So, how will Clara-Native perform this week?

“I’m just going to be myself and be as good with everyone as I can and give people what they want. Because I think that’s just beautiful. Coming to The Irish Open when I was younger, that’s what I wanted. So it’s nice to be able to. And, no, not doing anything different. I’m here on site, my family is here. I’m going up and down and around for dinner and stuff. It’s really nothing different. “

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