Hamilton says ‘We Race as One’ just runs the words

Formula 1: Seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton thinks the F1 initiative ‘We Race as One’ Is ‘Just the words’ Since the sport has not been able to achieve diversity and inclusion. The initiative was launched in 2020. All drivers exclusively recorded a video message that was joined together and broadcast at the beginning of each Grand Prix. Follow Formula 1 and French GP live updates with InsideSport.IN

Asked at the Austrian Grand Prix post-race press conference how Formula 1 could try to combat abuse from spectators, Hamilton said, “I didn’t think too much about bringing a solution to what sports should do.”

“It goes back to some of the messages we talked about in sports that we need to do here, which is more committed to diversity and inclusion in our industry because it reflects where we’re going then and how often our fanbase looks. It reflects. It’s time for action. The race as one of us was all good and good, but it was just sound. It didn’t really do anything. No. “ Hamilton added.

“So we must use our platforms, as I mentioned, but we really have to take action and start doing what we say. Just saying ‘this is not enough, this is unacceptable’ is not enough. Hamilton concludes.

What’s more, 20 racers will stand or ‘Get on your knees’ Shortly before the national anthem, some, especially Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, decided to wear clothes that would show their support for a certain reason, together with Grid, to advance the drive.

Formula 1: Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton hits out in Formula 1, says' We Race as One 'initiative' Just Words' - check out
Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are on their knees before the start of the Grand Prix.

In the meantime, that pre-race approach is over for this season, with Formula 1 focusing solely on sustainability, diversity and consideration and three important core foundations of the community.

However, after the racist and homosexual abuse of the group at the Austrian Grand Prix, the spotlight returned to diversity and consideration, with Formula 1 condemning such behavior. ‘Inappropriate’ In an announcement, when Hamilton said he was ‘Sick‘By the detailed behavior of certain fans.

Hamilton, apparently, launched Mission 44 last year, which continued £ 20 million Efforts to create more prominent motorsports are open to young people in the UK. Furthermore, it relates to the relatively directed Ignite Partnership Mercedes.

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