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Kork have won 12 of their 19 qualifier ties and lost seven. They used the second chance to win the 2010 All-Ireland final.

This will be only the third championship clash between the counties, the previous two being played in 1957 and 2007.

Louth defeated Cork 1-9 1-7 in the 1957 All-Ireland final, and Cork won the Round 3 qualifiers in 2007 (0-16 to 0-14). They lost to Kerry and advanced to the All-Ireland final

Laut has won 11 of their 31 qualifiers, drawn one and lost 19.

Louth manager Mickey Hart had a great record in the qualifiers, leading to 31 wins, one draw and four defeats in the long run with Tyrone. Ironically, Navan had a draw against Laut in 2006 (2-16 each after extra time). Tyrone won the replay by five points in Omagh.

Season so far
Cork: Sixth Division 2; Munster SFC: Lost by 12 points to Kerry. Louth: Division 3 Champion (promoted); Leinster SFC: Laut 5-10 Carlo 0-10; Kildare 2-22 Laut 0-12

Top Scorer (2022 SFC)
Steven Sherlock 0-6 (0-5 FREE)
Cathay O’Malley 0-3
Sam Mullay ……… 2-10 (0-4 Free, 1-0 Pen, 0-1 ’45’, 0-1 Mark) Connor Grimes… 1-3 (0-2 Mark)
Tommy Durnin …… .1-1
Ciaran Bayern ……… .1-1

Team News

We should have a team on Thursday or Friday

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