Foxy New York Foxy New York One Piece S Size Young Grass Color Foxy New York Foxy New York One Piece S Size

Product description

Product Name: Ladies One Piece
Brand: Foxy New York
Size S size
The color is the color of young grass

FOXEY was founded in 1980, and the founder is Yoshiko Maeda.

The New York line has a lot of pretty designs and a lot of little sweet lineups like pink and light blue, and we’re making a lot of items like “Lady.”

The material is also special, and it can be said that it is a “foxy that can be used every day”, such as using a mixed material of polyester and polyurethane that is very elastic and can be cleaned at home instead of 100% silk, which is difficult to clean.

Many dresses are preferred for meals and dates, so it seems to be popular for women in their 20s to “dress a little better”.

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Condition: No noticeable scratches or blemishes

Notation size: S size
Length 94 cm
Shoulder width 35 cm
Waist 34 cm
Fastener: 52 cm
Expansion and contraction: None
Material: Polyester

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