Fortnite Classic to bring old maps and weapons back to the game

Fortnite Classic: Over the past few years, Fortnite has completely changed. OG gamers can confirm that the game was completely different…

Fortnite Classic: In the last few years, Fortnite has completely changed. OG gamers can confirm that the game was completely different in 2017 than it is today. The changes implemented by Epic Games have definitely made the gameplay better and introduced new elements. However, loopers still miss the old version of the game and hope to get it back someday. It seems the players’ wishes have been answered. A new mod called Fortnite Classic was recently leaked that promises to bring back the old side to the island.

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Bringing back the old days of Fortnite would definitely be a bold move. Several popular gamers have left the franchise saying that the game has changed and they no longer enjoy it. Hopefully with Fortnite Classic these gamers will return to the title. It will be great to have them back on the island after so long. Streams and videos will surely break records if OG gamers decide to return.

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Fortnite Classic: Everything Gamers Need to Know

According to content creator Fitzy, Fortnite Classic is a permanent mode for gamers who miss older versions of the game. It has been revealed that the mod will feature Chapter 1 maps. The building will also be transformed into an earlier era. Turbo mode will be removed so players will be able to create and edit more slowly.

Since the mod takes gamers back to the early days of the game, understanding the map is important. It has been confirmed that the game will start with the Chapter 1 map. However, fan favorite POIs from Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 will also be featured in Fortnite Classic Mode. POIs will get significant changes every month or two.

Apart from the map, Fortnite Classic’s arsenal will be the most interesting. It has been revealed that Fortnite Classic will feature every weapon and item from Chapter 1. Weapons like the Double Pump and Zapatron will also be unlocked for Classic Mode.

Fortnite Classic looks promising and will add a different dynamic to the gameplay. So far this is the only information available. The map is expected to be ready in the near future. Once it is revealed, players can be sure which POIs will be featured in the mod.

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