Five uncapped players from the Irish women’s hockey team for the World Cup

The Irish women’s hockey team will play in the Hockey World Cup this summer. Credit: Hockey Ireland.

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Ireland’s women’s hockey coach, Sean Dancer, has named her panel for the July World Cup campaign, which starts on July 2 at the Wagner Stadium in Amsterdam.

As the post-Olympic evolution of the Green Army continues, five uncapped athletes are ready to make their official debut in the competition.

Irish U-21 captains Cauimhae Perdu, Christina Hamil and Siofra O’Brien all starred in the Junior World Cup in April and were impressed with Katie McKee and Charlotte Beggs, as well as their place in the recent Challenge match against Scotland and Japan. – Upstairs

The team also has five players from the 2018 groundbreaking to the World Cup final where Katie Mullen has reinstated her role as captain.

Ayesha McFarlane was named as the goalkeeper for the tournament in London and they are among the group leaders along with Lena Tais, Roisin Upton and Deidre Duke.

“The team is excited about our progress and the opportunities ahead, and we know that anything is possible at the World Cup,” Dancer said of the selection.

Ireland will face the hosts in the opening match

Ireland will start on July 2 against the host and current world number one team the Netherlands, the 9,500-strong venue has already sold out.

The next in the list is a match against Chile (World Rank: 17), which debuted in the tournament on 5 July, before the group stage against Germany (World Rank: 5) on 6 July.

The top spot in the group goes straight to the quarter-finals with the second and third place countries facing an extra game to reach that stage in the crossover playoffs. Fourth place in the group will go from 9th to 16th place in the playoffs.

Ireland’s opening game is held in Amsterdam and if they can emulate their 2018 run, the semifinals and final will be played in Terrace, Spain.

4 games this week

The team finished their preparations for the World Cup in Belfield this week against Ireland four times in the Softco series. The first game is on Saturday, June 18 (4pm) and the next games are on Sunday, June 19 (4pm), Wednesday, June 22nd (5pm) and Thursday, June 23rd (7pm).

Ireland women’s team

Ireland senior women’s team for World Cup; From 1st to 17th July in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Teresa, Spain (club, cap):

Ayesha McFarlane (Goalkeeper, SV Kampong (NED), 113)

Elizabeth Murphy (goalkeeper, Loreto, 13)

Caoimhe Perdue (UCC, 0)

Charlotte Begus (Ulster Alex, 0)

Christina Hamill (Loreto, 0)

Deidre Duke (Old Alex, 154)

Ellen Quran (Pembroke, 26)

Erin Getty (Queens, 11)

Hannah McLaughlin (UCD, 26)

Katie Mackie (Pegasus, 0)

Katie Mulan (Captain, Balimoni, 206)

Lena Ties (Old Alex, 122)

Michelle Carey (UCD, 10)

Naomi Carroll (Catholic Institute, 121)

RĂ³isin Upton (co-captain, Catholic Institute, 89)

Sarah Hawks (Railway Union, 46)

Sarah Macaulay (UCD, 9)

Sarah Torrance (Loreto, 33)

Siofra O’Brien (Loreto, 0)

Zara Malsid (Ards, 6)

Group A Schedule (All Wagner Stadium, Amsterdam; Bar Irish)

July 2: Ireland vs. Netherlands, 7.30pm

July 5: Ireland v Chile, 1 p.m.

July 7: Ireland vs. Germany, 3.30pm

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