Fairing Oring Skate Marc Emperito + Tan Cord Cut GSXR 600 750 01-03 103 E3 – Show Original Title

FAIRING BODYWORK COMPLETE + TANK COVER FIT GSXR 600 750 01-03 103 E3- SHOW ORIGINAL TITLE departmentFairing conditionbrand new manufacturer Car model Arrest detailsUniform shipping fee 1000 yen (*except Hokkaido, Okinawa and remote islands) Product detailsAs this is an imported product, it will be written in English. Condition: New Manufacturer’s Part Number: Not Applicable Molding: Injection Plastic Brand: Unbranded/GenericCoating: 3 Layer Painting CoatingHigh Quality For: Suzuki GSXR 600 750 2001-2003 Gift: Windscreen and Free Screws K Mack Quality High Quality Screw Bolts Condition: Brand New Manufacturer Part Number: Not Applicable Molded: Injected Plastic Brand: Non-Branded/Generic Coating: High Quality with 3 Layers of Paint Fits: Suzuki GSXR 600 750 2001-2003 Fairing: Windscreen and K-Matry Screw Free High Quality ABS Plastic *Purchase after understanding the following notes*
■ As this is a foreign import, please use NC/NR
■ Product list is constantly changing. There may be a lag between the time of your purchase and the inventory status.
■ Product names are directly translated from English to Japanese. Check product description for product ingredients. If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing.
■ Regarding whether the product is compatible with the fitting and inspection of the vehicle, we basically ask the customer to make a judgment based on the picture and description.
■ Instruction manuals etc. are not fundamentally bound.
■ We do not provide installation or support. In addition, work time and difficulty depends on individual skills, so we cannot answer.
■ After domestic original parts are removed, US parts do not necessarily match connectors and may require machining.
■ We do not accept cancellations for personal reasons after purchase. (Because the product order will start with your order)
■ Delivery takes about 2-3 weeks. However, there may be delays due to customs clearance and weather conditions.
■ You cannot specify the delivery method or product date and time.
■For larger items, it may be difficult to deliver to different homes due to delivery company rules. In that case, we may ask you to pick it up at the company, warehouse or nearest sales office.
■ Import charges may be imposed on larger items. In that case, the customer can ask the importer to pay the import consumption tax.
■ Since this is an imported product, the product may have small scratches or threads. We carefully inspect the products before shipping, but there may be damage due to the transportation conditions, so please check the products immediately after the product arrives.
■ Please understand that even if there is a description of “Warranty” in English in the product description, it will not apply. Additionally, the warranty is only applicable within 7 days of product arrival. However, after installation, it will not be covered by warranty.
■ Please note that if the product is damaged it will take the same amount of time and we will have to re-order.
■Our company is only responsible for sales activities, and we cannot be responsible for injuries, accidents, theft, etc. that occur while using this product.
■ We have many other US parts for sale, so please take a look.
■We also import US parts, so it is possible to search for products not listed in our store! We also offer discounts for commercial sales and multiple purchases. Feel free to contact us.
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Fairings Waring Skate Mark Emperito + Tan Cord Cut GSXR 600 750 01-03 103 E3- Show Original Title Fairings Bodywork Complete + Tank Cover Fit GSXR 600 750 01-03 103 E3- Show Original Title


■ As this is a foreign import, please use NC or NR ■ We ask customers to make their own decisions about fitting and vehicle inspection compatibility based on pictures and descriptions. ■ US custom parts do not always match connectors after domestic original parts are removed and may require machining. ■ Delivery takes 2 to 21 weeks. However, some delays may occur depending on weather conditions.

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