Did Frank Lampard get his tactics right in the Mercedes derby?

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As Andrew Robertson’s header bounces into the corner of the net, you can see Frank Lampard’s heart sink a little. His team came to Anfield on a mission to disrupt, fluster and provoke Liverpool, but the plan came to naught when the stalemate broke in the middle of the second half.

As the game progressed to the end, Everton’s arch-nemesis Divak Origi added a second and Liverpool eventually won 2-0. Lampard’s gameplan, which had frustrated Liverpool for a long time, proved futile in the end as Everton could not withstand the attack for only 90 minutes.

The result begs the question, was Lampard’s approach to the game correct? Everton are in dire straits, desperate for results, and they came to Anfield to run their fortunes and expect some nick in the counter-attack. For a club proud of its exciting football and entertainment, it was a symbol of how far they have come down this season.

Lampard can be forgiven for taking a slightly negative approach. After all, Liverpool are a relentlessly attacking team, competing on all fronts for an unprecedented quadruple. The Premier League differences The Reds were strongly in favor before the match, and many did not pray for Everton. If Everton could hold on to the draw, we would be talking about a strategic masterclass.

In fact, there was a moment when the whole match could have been for Everton. The score is still locked at 0-0, before Anthony Gordon brushed Joel Matip’s ground before exploding in the Liverpool penalty area. Referee Stuart Atwell took some time to consider before signaling for a Liverpool goal-kick, despite protests from Everton players and staff for penalties.

Gordon was booked for an embarrassing dive before the game, and there is no doubt that the referee remembered the incident because he was considering a penalty. Lampard was outraged by this decision.

“It was a punishment.” Everton boss “If there was Mo Salah at the other end, he would get a penalty,” he said. You won’t find them here. This is the reality of football sometimes.

However, there is no guarantee that Liverpool would not have won the Everton penalty. The reality is that Everton’s gameplan was ready to take advantage of such moments and once that moment did not go their way, Liverpool’s victory seemed inevitable.

Everton’s performance was in stark contrast to their 1-0 win over Manchester United at Goodison Park earlier this month. They played fast, dynamic football that afternoon and even after taking the lead they wanted to hit United in the forward area. There is no denying that the current Liverpool team presents a lot of challenges, but Everton fans may have left Anfield thinking that their team could do more to put pressure on the home defense.

Lampard deserves credit for an enthusiastic performance, but the club, who have spent so much money on talent over the past few years, have been reduced to setting up their stall in a negative way that is a cut-throat allegation of club mismanagement. . Everton are probably not going anywhere fast without the championship.

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