COD Mobile RPD Cooling Compressor Barrel; Gameplay and how to unlock

COD Mobile is introducing a new attachment next season that could break the game. Yes, you heard that line a thousand times now but looking at its appearance, this time the players are definitely ruined because the only element that keeps LMG abusers in check is being removed. We are now talking about the cooling compressor barrel available in the Seasonal Challenge section. COD Mobile RPD Cooling Compressor Barrel, Cooling Compressor Barrel Unlock, RPD, COD Mobile LMG Attachment, Call Of Duty, COD LMG Unlimited Ammunition, Best LMG CODM

COD Mobile RPD Cooling Compressor Barrel: How Does It Work?

The cooling compressor basically eliminates the need to reload your gun because it basically provides unlimited ammunition in exchange for the extra heat of the weapon. Players in the Apex Legends or Hello franchise are familiar with it. Basically, if you continue firing your gun without a break for an extended period of time, the barrel gets hot, forcing the player to disarm the gun for some time. With the new attachment, RPD will work the same way.

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However, judging by the gameplay, unlike other guns we have experienced in different games, the chopper’s heat meter is quite wide. This means players can continue spraying the gun for ridiculous times before it actually stops shooting. In addition, the cooldown also works quite fast. So even if you stop shooting for a second while you spray, the barrel will cool more than 50 percent. You can follow this by looking at the featured heat meter just to the right of your crosshair.

The only downside is the negative effects of movement speed and ADs bullet spread accuracy. However, it is also covered by an increase in damage range, weapon stability, and reduced hit flinch.

How to unlock it?

How To Unlock COD Mobile RPD Cooling Compressor Barrel (Photo via COD Mobile)
How To Unlock COD Mobile RPD Cooling Compressor Barrel (Photo via COD Mobile)

To unlock this attachment, players must go to the Seasonal Events section and complete all missions under the ‘Ello On The Line’ tab.

RPD was not a favorite in high-impact LMGs. Guns like the Chopper and Holger have become more influential and have been the preferred pick for LMG users for quite some time. But now, it seems no one will think twice before picking a favorite gun to continue spamming inside a ranked match.

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