Carlos Senz is leading the FP2 session

F1 British GP FP2 Live: FP2 season of British Grand Prix has started: The tenth round of the F1 2022 season started on a low note as rain in the FP1 session looted the iconic Silverstone circuit. Meanwhile, ten drivers missed to set the lap time as Valerie Botas took her first FP1 session of the season. He is second and third behind Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sange. Follow Formula 1 update on InsideSport.IN and British Grand Prix live.

After suffering tough results twice in Baku and Canada, Valerie Botas has shown great signs of improvement on the Silverstone circuit. He returned to his first practice session of the season due to the fastest lap time clock for the FP1 session. At the end of the FP1 session, Lewis Hamilton did not disappoint the house fans, he moved to second place overall.

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F1 British GP FP2 Live: Ferrari’s Carlos Senz Fastest, Norris and Verstappen in Second and Third Place – Follow FP2 Live Updates

  • Red Bull’s Max Verstappen is now the third fastest overall.
  • Meanwhile, Hamilton dropped out of the position and is now the fifteenth overall.
  • Daniel Ricciardo is seventh-fastest and Valteri Botas is eighth.
  • Now, Carlos Senz is the fastest as Norris has dropped to second place.
  • McLaren’s Lando Norris went the fastest overall.
  • Valteri Botas is now fifth fastest overall and Kevin Magnussen is seventh.
  • Moreover, George Russell joins Botas on the track.
  • Valerie Botas was the first driver to make his way on the track.
  • Meanwhile, all the drivers have returned to their esteemed garage.
  • Ferrari drivers are currently ranked 1st and 2nd and Red Bull is ranked 3rd and 4th overall.
  • Carlos Sange became the second fastest as Verstappen dropped to third place.
  • Williams Alex Albon sees himself seventh overall.
  • Meanwhile, Leclerc becomes the fastest again as he follows Verstapen and Sange.
  • Lewis Hamilton is third fastest and Worstapen is fourth.
  • George Russell is fighting to be the fourteenth overall.
  • Birthday son Daniel Ricciardo is the eighth fastest overall.
  • Meanwhile, Alonso and Oakon are in sixth and seventh place.
  • Carlos Senz is now the fastest forward as Leclerc dropped to second place. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton sees himself in third place but Max Verstappen jumps him up and moves to third fastest.
  • Lots of track action since everyone has set their fastest lap time and Ferrari has claimed first and second place in both Leclerc and Sainz formats.
  • All drivers are off track because teams are expecting some data from FP2 sessions
  • The FP2 session of the British Grand Prix is ​​underway.

Ferrari’s Carlos Senz is in great form as he claimed second place in Montreal and led the FP1 session for a part but had to settle for third place overall. The Spanish driver is followed by his teammate Charles Leclerc in fourth place as both Ferrari and Mercedes have shown tremendous improvement overall.

Moreover, the smiling Mick Schumacher also had a great day in the office as he was in fifth place overall. Alfa Romeo’s Guanyu Zhu is sixth behind Germany because the Chinese driver is comfortable on the rain-soaked Silverstone track.

F1 British GP: F1 British GP Live: Rain plunders FP1, Voltaire Botas fastest, Mercedes and Ferrari show promise
F1 British GP Live: The FP1 classification of the British Grand Prix.

Kevin Magnussen also had a good outing today as he claimed seventh place, with Haas seeing both of their drivers in the top ten. Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll finished eighth but at the end of the FP1 session, he grabbed his grip on the tire and went to the gravel. Fortunately, for Aston Martin, Stroll did no damage to his car.

F1 British GP FP2 Live: Ferrari’s Carlos Senz Fastest, Norris and Verstappen in Second and Third Place – Follow FP2 Live Updates

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Yuki Sunoda of Alfatouri, who was once in the top three, has slipped to the position and is ninth overall. In tenth place is followed by experienced driver Sebastian Vettel.

Moreover, there were ten drivers who failed their best lap time clock because it rained heavily for the main part of the session. When the track was empty, seven-time F1 champion Hamilton came out of his garage and waved to fans at the iconic circuit.

Among the ten drivers who have been dropped are some big names: George Russell, Sergio Perez, Esteban Oaken, Fernando Alonso, Alex Alban, Daniel Ricciardo, Pierre Gasley, Lando Norris, Nicolas Latifi and current champion Max Verstapen.

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