Call of Duty Developer Studio can work on an open world RPG

Infinity Word: Call of Duty Developer Studio can work on an open-world RPG– Infinity Word, the studio behind multiple Call of Duty titles over the past two decades, could come up with something new. Although the Modern Warfare 2 reboot is already on the way, a new job listing on the official website shows that Open World RPG may be on the card for Infinity Word. For future updates on Call of Duty, follow InsideSport on GOOGLE NEWS.

Infinity Word has never deviated from the roots that make up the CoD title. Since 2003, the studio has given only groundbreaking Call of Duty titles, most notably the Modern Warfare series. However, a new job listing has been posted on the official site that could change the studio’s FPS loyalty.

Call of Duty Infinity Word Modern Warfare
Infinity Word’s Modern Warfare is one of the most played Call of Duty series (pictured via Activation).

Based on the new to-do list, Infinity Word is working on a new title and is set as an open-world RPG. The post of Narrative Director has been posted on the website. Location requirements include experience in “Open World RPGs”.

“The ideal candidate will have experience working on non-linear narratives at the Open World Games and conducting cinematics under AAA quality titles.”

In addition, for the role the candidate must have “extensive player experience with games including action, RPG, open world and online titles”. Infinity Word has ruled that this “unannounced AAA project” will also require a “science” direction, something common to RPG games.

Infinity Word never ventured into anything other than its CoD title. The studio could be entrepreneurial for the first time outside of its fan-favorite IP. While any Intel is unsure about this upcoming project, it will be interesting to see CoD get an open world RPG title.

Infinity Word: Call of Duty Developer Studio can work on an open world RPG

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