Bertram Allen and Pacino Amiro won at LGCT Stockholm

Bertram Allen and Pacino Amiro won on the final day of LGCT Stockholm. Credit: LGCT.

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Bertram Allen closed the Stockholm Weekend Longines Global Champions Tour with a lightning-fast পা 148,800 1.55m jump of class victory over Pacino Amiro.

Full of Olympic stadium rafters, Irish rider Daniel Duser defeated Jasmien vd Bisschop in just 0.04 seconds. Local hero Peder Frederickson finished the podium to take bronze in Catch Me Not S.

“An exciting jump off”

Wexford rider Bertram Allen told GCTV after his winning round:

“All the riders have talked about it all week, the atmosphere here is literally one of the best shows of the year. I was very inspired for today and I wanted to make the most of it. “

“It was definitely an exciting jump off, it was fast and with both Daniel and Peder having good rounds I knew I had to take a lot of risks. My horse jumped nicely today so it was nice to get on top. “

Falling poles around the course was a frustration for many top riders, especially for Henrik von Ackerman of Sweden who finished first or second in every other CSI5 * class this weekend but four quick errors still put him in the top ten with Glamor Girl.

Nine combinations have qualified for the jump off

It was a fast and furious 9 rider jump off with the first combination back in the ring with Petronella Anderson and Cassina Z. Unfortunately, the pressure fell on them and the two Down put them out of the debate for the win.

Jerome Guerri was the first to clear his relatively new ride with Azaria Dinero. They stopped the clock in 36.38 seconds and threw Gauntlet to the rest of the field, although he did not make a single advance in the first line, leaving room for improvement.

Germany’s Marcus Ehning and Priam du Rosset chose to go too hard on the roll back which he had to dismiss due to adding four errors to his score.

American Georgina Bloomberg Tulara made a top effort with a smooth and effortless double clear with Coleman just to beat but good enough for the top 5 finish.

Michael G. Duffy, along with Marlon Modolo Zanotelli and Clitschko in Luigi d’Eclipse, both had a railroad and were forced to settle to stay out of the top five.

Daniel Deuser and Jasmine VD Bishop made an amazing rollback to the last trip, the pair had full confidence in each other at risk and were able to pull it off with a timer stopping at 35.96 seconds, a time that looked unbeaten for some time.

Peder Frederickson, the winner of this class in 2019, wanted to win it home on the last day of the onboard action of Catch Me Not S. They determined it perfectly, but the speed of the Germans could not keep up with it. 36.38 seconds.

Bertram Allen and the huge Striding Pacino Amiro then run the force around the course and were exactly equal to Daniel in the half stage. They sprinted to the finish line and finally took an angle, shaving the milliseconds from time to win in 35.92 seconds

The Longinus Global Champions Tour will take place in Paris from June 24 to 26 for the Round 9 of the Championship.

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