All Ireland football quarter and semifinal draw and match dates

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Dublin, Kerry, Derry, Galway, Mayo, Armagh, Claire and Cork all draw Ireland football quarters and semifinal draw and fixture dates.

The draw for the quarter-finals of the GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship will take place on Monday morning at 8.30am on RTÉ Radio 1 as part of Morning Ireland.

The draw will feature four provincial champions Galway, Dublin, Kerry and Derry.
One of the four Round 2 qualifier winners has been drawn to play this weekend; Mayo, Claire, Cork and Armagh.

Provincial final winners are subject to a draw to avoid losing finalists from their own province and to avoid any other recurring pairings.

Possible repeat pairs are Galway vs. Mayo, Kerry vs. Cork. If a repeat pair is drawn, the Round 2 team will be moved to the next line of the draw and another Round 2 team will be drawn to play with the relevant provincial winner.

Venues and dates will be confirmed later by the CCCC and matches will be held on the weekend of June 25/26.

Based on a rotor, the potential semi-final pair will be known after the quarter-final draw.

Galway / Round 2 winner vs. Derry / Round 2 winner

Dublin / Round 2 winners vs. Kerry / Round 2 winners

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